quinta-feira, 5 de março de 2009

CICY: international conference on Cultural education, Innovation, Creativity and Youth

12 e 13 de Março 2009 - Bruxelas

The goal of the conference is to inspire policymakers from EU Member States and representatives from European institutions of cultural education to raise the profile of cultural education on the agenda both in their own country and at the EU level. Cultural education involves education in the fields of the arts, heritage and media. The aim of the conference is to present and discuss policy and policy instruments for cultural education at school and in leisure time in the EU countries.
The conference addresses 'the cultural development of children and young people in a changing Europe: learning with and through culture'. Subthemes are:
• Cultural career of youngsters (curriculum)
• New ways of learning (innovative concepts in intramural and extramural cultural education)
• Culture and citizenship: the broad learning environment
Social role of educators (pioneers: teacher training programmes)


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