domingo, 6 de julho de 2014

Child in the City

29 September - 1 October 2014 
The 7th Child in the City Conference will take place in Odense (Denmark) at the University of Southern Denmark

Participation, inclusion and cooperation
What are the effective models form including and engaging
diverse children and young people, especially those in most
need of support? How can we build bridges between
children, parents and professionals to create more integrated
responses from services, and better children’s communities
within in the urban landscape?
Child wellbeing and the impacts of recession
What are the impacts of economic recession on children’s rights,
health and life chances? How can we demonstrate the economic 
sense of investing in services and spaces for children? How do
we sustain services through times of constrained public funding?
What is the role of child-impact assessments in making difficult
decisions on public spending?
Play, mobility and children’s cultureHow can we best
respond to the UN’s General Comment about play, recreation
and children’s cultural lives? How can local governments
combat the insidious commercialization and over-institutionalization
of children’s lives; promote their greater mobility; and create
opportunities for their playful physical activity and access
to the natural world?

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