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Ideias brilhantes para uma cidade mais brincável

Brilliant ideias to make cities more fun

Cities with new life


Stay together, play together

By Julian Baggini
The Guardian

Playable Cities: the city that plays together, stays together

Forget about smart cities, Playable City ideas – like Bristol’s water slide or its temporary play streets – are a human response to the coldness and anonymity of the urban environment

(...) Although their work is in many ways disparate, three key ideas bring them together. First, that cities create problems of living that can only be addressed by collective action. Second, the sense that the well-being of communities cannot be left to local authorities; citizens need to take control of their own surroundings. Third, an optimism that we can do more than just tackle problems one by one.
By encouraging public activities that actively bring joy, we can create a happier, more cohesive urban future.

The city that stays together plays together

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