sexta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2014

The Video Game Business de Randy Nichols

The Video Game Business examines the historical emergence of the video game industry, examining the impact of changing production, distribution, and changing technologies as well as questions of labor and intellectual property.  It uses case studies of companies including Nintendo, Sega, and Electronic Arts to unpack key developments in the industry’s development.  In addition, the book offers corporate profiles of a range of key players in the software development, software publishing, and hardware manufacturing sectors which provide lists of key franchises as well as benchmark financial and employment data.  Among these are GameStop, Valve, and Walt Disney. The impact of digital distribution, casual gaming, microchip manufacture, mobile phones, details and connections with other media industries is considered.  It provides a broad range of data on international audiences, historical data on salaries and employment, a discussion of ratings systems internationally, and brings together economic data to both clarify the state of the mainstream industry and to suggest key challenges for its future.

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